Registration Address : P/23, MIDC Rsidential Area, Mohopada, Rasayani,Tal : Khalapur, Dist : Raigad, Pin : 410 222

Registration No. Bombay 25/83 ( Raigad )Public Trust Registration No. F 387 ( Raigad )


1. Take up the problems of industries collectively with the Government agencies.

2.Help the industries in this area to solve their general problems.

3.Organize educational programs for training of industrial employees.

4.Establish and maintain a library / hospital

5.Run Recreation Centre for the benefit of all the industrial employees.

6.To set up School, College etc. and spreading of education.




1. Membership Subscription

2. Donation, Grants and Gifts

3. Proceeds from the arranged cultural and other entertainment program.

4. Proceeds from the development program.




1. Membership of the PRIA will be classified as ‘Ordinary member’

2. The admission will not be given unless a written application in the prescribed form is approved by asimple majority of the Managing Committee.

3. Admission shall not be refused unless such admission is considered to be detrimental to the objectsof the PRIA by the Managing Committee.

4. The membership of PRIA ceasesa) Resignation from PRIAb) On removal / Expulsionc) On failure to pay subscription for a period of two consecutive years.

5. The Managing Committee may re-admit the removed/ expelled members as new members, ifsufficient grounds are furnished and accepted by the Managing Committee.